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Learn how to design your business website (without giving up)

Do you ever find yourself staring at a blank sheet?

Struggling to find the right words to sell without feeling sleazy?

You’re not alone.

Persuasive writing is probably one of the most precious skills anyone in business can possess.

But at school, we’ve not learned the art of persuasion. We’ve not learned how to write compelling content. We’ve not learned how to sell without feeling pushy.

And that’s exactly what this course helps you to do—you learn how to engage and attract your ideal customers, and how to win more business.

Learning how to design a website is easier than you might think …

The problem is most books and courses only teach you the theory of copywriting.

They don’t demonstrate the copywriting process. They don’t teach you the practical skills and confidence to write copy. They may show you good copywriting examples but they don’t show you bad examples so you don’t learn how to turn so-so copy into persuasive copy that sells.

This course is different …

This is no ordinary website design course …

This course is based on my personal experience coaching both non-writers and writers to write their own copy from scratch.

You’ll learn the practical skills to become a confident copywriter—even if you think you’re no good with words:

The Powerful Website Design Starter Kit: Part I

The Powerful Website Design Starter Kit: Part II

Sound like a lot?

Yep, it’s a lot. But you’ll work step by step so you won’t feel overwhelmed. The video tutorials are to the point and short (under 11 mins each); the activities reinforce what you’ve learned with real life examples; and the cheat sheets and templates provide helpful reminders.

The Enchanting Copywriting course boosts your confidence as a writer and marketer because it demonstrates how to write your copy, and you learn how to cultivate your copy evaluation skills so you can make your own copy better.

About your tutor

Kris Williams

Web designer, copywriter and educator

Henneke Duistermaat is an irreverent copywriter on a mission to stamp out gobbledygook.

She has authored the 5-star rated book How to Write Seductive Web Copy, and she’s written about copywriting for popular sites such as Copyblogger and Kissmetrics.

Henneke has an MBA and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing. She stumbled upon her life’s passion when she quit her corporate marketing job and founded Enchanting Marketing to help small business owners and freelancers find their writing voices.

Henneke knows how to engage and inspire readers, and she’s an excellent teacher.
John Doe
I’ve taken several copywriting courses, and they are all good, giving me nuggets here and there. But I find Henneke’s course MOST useful. She organises the content in a logical flow and literally holds your hand every step of the way, turning you from beginner to pro. No fluff. VERY actionable.
John Doe

Who the Powerful Website Design Starter Kit is for …

This course is for small business owners and solo-flyers—whether you run a niche e-commerce site or small agency, whether you’re a consultant, coach, online teacher, personal trainer, interior designer, copywriter, or other service provider, this course helps you write more compelling copy so you can grow your business.

A course for busy people

Learn at a pace that works for you. Even if you have only 15 minutes, you can watch a video or complete (part of) an activity.

What you’ll get

The Enchanting Copywriting course includes:

The course is self-paced, so you can learn at a pace that works for you, and you get life-time access.

The course comes with an online learning outline where you can tick off the videos you’ve watched and the activities you’ve completed so it’s easy to keep track and hold yourself accountable.

Start the Powerful Website Design Starter Kit today

And learn how to design persuasive website so you can sell more

Price €87

Powerful Website Design Starter Kit

30-day moneyback guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this course suitable for a beginner?

Yes, the course is suitable for anyone who’s running or starting a business or who wants to write copy for clients. You don’t need any writing or marketing experience to enjoy this course and learn how to write persuasive copy.

How long will the course take?

The course is self-paced so you can go as fast as you like. Binge watch the videos like a Netflix series. Or work at a steady pace—even if you have only 15 minutes, you can dive in and watch a video or complete (part of) an activity.

Is this course suitable for non-native speakers?

The principles of persuasive writing are the same for different languages, so as long as you’re fine with watching videos in English or reading the transcripts, then you can enjoy the course and apply your learning to your native language.

Does this course teach how to build website?

This course is not a website-building course, but it’s a design course. It’s a development course that shows how to transform an existing design from a design tool (like Figma) into an Elementor website. So by following this course you can transform almost any design into an Elementor website. 

Will this course be helpful for more experienced people?

Yes, following the workflow laid out in this course will significantly speed up your web building process. Allowing you to take on more clients and experience less late nights. But if you think you are already really experienced then just check out the chapters and episodes on this page to find out if there are new things for you.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes. You can pay with any major credit card, debit card, or PayPal. All payments are in US dollars. All orders are processed by Teachable, Inc.

Do I need to prepare something to follow this course?

You don’t need to prepare anything, but a little bit of experience in the free version of Elementor is recommended.

You can follow this course by just watching the videos, and if you want to build the exercise project then I will recommend some affordable options within the course so you can set it up easily.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, you can try the course completely risk-free. I’m confident you’ll love this course but if you decide it’s not for you, then you have a 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

Start the Powerful Website Design Starter Kit today

And learn how to design persuasive website so you can sell more

Price €87

Powerful Website Design Starter Kit

30-day moneyback guarantee

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