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We are told that we should expect to be broken our entire lives. They say you need to do social media, Etsy or affiliate marketing to make a decent income. I say “That’s not true”. Don’t jump into something new. Just learn what works. Get my 16 Helpful Ideas as ultra-short emails with easy-to-implement tips. Learn how to write non-icky sales content and win more business.

People love them – maybe because they`re free.

"16 Helpful Ideas" is about how to craft offers & show them on web

Created by Kris Hakk

As a course subscriber, each day you’ll get new “bite-size”  tips about 1 principle or technique you can use to create a website that is the best salesman in your team.

Learn what works.

FREE 18-Part Helpful Ideas Course

Tips so carefully crafted, you never have to wonder how to use them — but instead, simply delight in how effectively they work. 

18 Bite-sized emails with easy-to-implement tips

Discover the Power of the slight smile and other persuasive tricks

Learn how to craft selling content and win more business

Simple Website Success: Your 61-Point Checklist for Top-Notch Content

Hello, I'm Kris Williams

I'm a web designer, copywriter and educator

I started designing on an old Lenovo. Way too old. Even screen colours were out of brightness so I ran several times in a day to see my designs’ on the neighbour’s screen. Good Website advice is the one you can put to work immediately, based not on theory but on practice.

My Story

The truth? Five years ago I had no idea what I was doing. I had my dessert bakery and ordered a website with €5000. And the thing that frustrated me the most was my lack of understanding of why the sales did not go up. Yep. everything seemed right. Beautiful pictures and some text. My biggest roadblock was understanding how the website works. I was left alone with a complicated website builder and a site that didn’t do anything. Before I knew any better, I’d copy-paste some similar bakery website copy to my own and wait wonders. I didn’t have any idea what where my offer was, how to craft them and how to engage my customers with stories. I lost everything. It’s a dark and muddy place to dig yourself out. Then it started to haunt me. “What do customers want?” 

I deep-dived into copywriting courses, marketing books, and storytelling workshops. And my whole world changed. Sounds dramatic, but it really was that good.

The thing about Good Website is that you rarely find another website-building process like this anywhere on the internet. (Except big marketing agencies). Because I created it for myself. I believe website design and website copy must be done together with brand and personal identity. Customers need to feel and see your brand voice, visuals, product explanations and you as part of a whole site.  And it’s possible only to give your non-sticky sales copy forward when crafting everything in one house.

Don't jump into something new.

Just learn how to craft offers & win more business

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