Stop jumping into new. Just learn what works.

Every owner must know knowledge. How to Research Your Customer.
A Pain-Free Process.

I made this bite-sized research workbook for you the reason I lost everything.

Why did I lose?

I didn’t know the elementary.

We were making French pastries. Within a year we landed as our country’s top 3 Best Places to Visit.

Launched a new website, and social media accounts and started to create content. Day and night we produced content.

With high-quality pictures and videos, we had the town’s best product and motivated workers.

I have never forgotten that day driving on the highway back home after the bank had closed all my business and personal bank accounts. 

Not the end of the world,  but it is these seemingly overwhelming feelings that stay with you.

Going broke is a bloody miserable, depressing experience. You lose all confidence. Your relationships shatter.

And what is the difference between those who go broke and those who don’t?

Those who know the basics don’t go broke.

My disaster came because I didn’t know.

Famous Sherlock Holmes told once to Dr Watson the most important words that still haunt me.

“Elementary my dear Watson… elementary”

Before you start thinking about sales funnels, creating offers, or setting up Google Ads, TikTok account, SEO or any other system, you need to do this one thing, as nothing else matters.

Many business owners I have worked with fall into the trap of believing they know who their customers are.

They think “We sell to everyone interested”.

For your message to stand out from the crowd and really win customers, you must go deeper. Much deeper.

You must know your customer intimately.

Sales are made up of 80% of research.

To be frank, if you can’t get back what you pay online, stop what you’re doing right now.

You’re in the wrong line of work.

I’ll not tell you anything you want to hear – only what you need to know.

Now, if you’re still reading this, I know one thing about you – and I’m going to guess another.

I know you agree that “knowledge is power.” You realize the more you know, the more you can do.

I guess that means you already studying your business.

But I wonder if you suffer from one nagging frustration that was explained to me by a woman who contacted me recently.

She said: “I subscribe to newsletters. I read books and articles. I get a ton of advice from all sorts of people on social media. It all makes sense. But I just don’t know where to begin – what to follow, what to ignore.”

Do you ever feel something of his frustration?

Would you feel it was worthwhile to put it all in context? To:

– and much, much more.

And this research workbook has one big advantage over workshops.

You don’t just take notes, go away and forget everything. You have found answers with me. You can view them again and again.

I didn’t cheat when I made this workbook.

AI is great, but it has too generic information and could not put together this level of research workbook.

All exercise ideas are gathered and hand-crafted especially from 15 of history’s best marketing and copywriting best-selling books.

Researching who you are selling to is the earthiest elementary knowledge you must have.

To be honest, doing research is the most boring and unflattering thing ever.

You and I have bad memories of school projects and university studies.

“I don`t know how to do research,” you tell me.

Don’t doubt yourself. You can do it, I will help you.

I have broken down all of it for bite-sized knowledge and exercises.


Would this reduce your overwhelming feeling?

Would you feel it was worthwhile to know more about your business? When:

I wish to God there was something similar when I was starting out. I had to learn the hard way, losing my money and my clients.

But then again, without those hard lessons, I would not have had the success I did, having w full year of booked clients.

But if you’re still not sure…

Q: How is your money-back guarantee?

A: If you’re unhappy for any reason at all with your purchase, let me know and I’ll refund you in full. Oh, and you’ve got 60 days too – so life won’t get in the way if it’s not for you.

Q: Can I rewatch the videos?

A: Everything is downloadable. The videos are all on my site. The ebooks are PDFs. This means you get instant access, to everything. You can be watching in minutes from now. If you use Notion, then everything will be together there.

But why not find out for yourself? It’s a one-time payment of just $9, for the ebook that’s not made by ChatGPT, but used 15 all-time best marketing books ideas and turned them into useful exercises. (I spent more than that on coffee yesterday).

This ebook contains decades of ‘know-how’. All the stuff you need to know to transform your results. I shudder to think how much of my money, and my client’s money, has been wasted to fund my treasure chest of mistakes.

There also lies the truth  – we only learn from our mistakes. Success breeds satisfaction – and that grows businesses. So if you’re reading this and pondering whether to part with $9 or not, I question just how serious you are about your sales.

This workbook contains decades of good ideas (mostly born from the greatest copywrites and my failures). Give it a try and if you’re not entirely satisfied you have made the right choice, I’ll give you your $9 back without so much as a murmur. It really is an ironclad, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

I guess I’ve said all I can.

Please don’t miss this offer because it may not be around forever.

You really have nothing to lose – the risk is all mine.

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